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Letters and comments from colleagues and fans about "Paper in The Wash".

This impressive debut album from Cindy Forslev a Registered Nurse, Oregon Coast Range resident, and skilled singer-songwriter-guitarist, reflects her love of people, of nature, and of music. The lyrics are consistently intelligent, telling stories of the elderly and ill that she's cared for, the places she's loved, and the experiences she's had along the way.
Cindy�s voice is sensitive, strong and affecting, and the musicianship throughout this album is stellar. Cindy has a lot to say, and has discovered powerful ways of expressing it in music.
Chris Roth
Editor, Talking Leaves magazine
Lost Valley Educational Center
Dexter, OR

It isn't easy to find ways to blend creative endeavors with paid, professional, careers, especially when you live rurally. However, this Deadwoodian has managed to do just that. Cindy is employed as a registered nurse. She draws on her experiences as a caregiver to channel her own emotions about caring for patients. This is exemplified in the first cut on the album, a sad song, titled Not Quite Ready. The touching, deeply felt words and nostalgic, moving, melody are artfully manifested into a heartbreaking song, provoking empathy in the listener. Cindy wrote a song about people who come from the Valley of Bad Backs. The song illustrates her knack for bringing her personal, important, life experiences to her compositions, adding a comical twist, and making them into universal themes that everyone can relate to. As a whole and individually the collection of songs are thought provoking, emotively sad and funny and very relevant to our lives.
Cath Barr
Neighborhood Correspondent The Siuslaw News
Florence, OR

While Ila (track 10 on CD) was about a person, the song sure made me think about my dog who his about to die. He doesnt wear dentures, but it seemed to fit. In any event, it is a very moving song. I think nursing is one of the noblest professions and one of the most difficult.
Rich Warren
Host of The Midnight Special & Folkstage
Chicago, IL

Hey Cindy-
Have to drop you a line to tell you I love your CD! I"m the kind that plays songs over and over again, and man, have I spun your CD a few times! I like the tunes so soft and easy to listen to and the harmonies make me stop what I'm doing and listen more closely. I find myself singing your songs: "Life is like a paper in the wash. Spinning farther from the truth. . .".
I like the lyrics that reveal what a compassionate nurse you must be. On Not Quite Ready when you sing "I'm JUST 88 and my soul is still strong" I can feel your respect for your older patients. I like your reminder in Mr. Warefield's Ride: "Sometimes a caregiver needs some caring....." I hope I remember that one when it's my turn.
Another thing I like about your Paper in the Wash CD is that you managed to attach a funny bone to it! The picture of the guitar hooked up to life support on the back cover and Valley of Bad Backs make me smile.
You have a lot to be proud of. You are a talented musician and artist, and your music is harmonic and thought provoking. By creating and producing the Paper in the Wash CD you have shared your gifts with us. For this, we are grateful.
Kathy C. Carlsbad, CA

I believe you are, possibly the next Kate Wolf. Awesome. I can't stop listening to your CD.
Mae Gilbreath-Orozco CNA , Phlebotomist

This is a well-produced album with 11 songs written and performed by Cindy, who plays acoustic guitar, with a nice pace of pensive songs, lively tunes, and funny songs. Cindy is accompanied by many wonderful musicians. Many lyrics reflect her nursing experiences and the plight of her patients. Cindy's CD is a prescription for compassion, and it's also good for what ails you.
Burney Garelick
The Siuslaw News

Hello Cindy
---I am enjoying your new CD very much! Your songwriting is superb---personal reflections from many aspects of your life certainly give an aura of authenticity and truth--- Your voice is captured well and is certainly easy on the ears!! Nice lilting vibrato--- The players all sound as professional as any I've ever heard---wonderful arrangements with a wide variety of instruments-- I can't even imagine all the work that went into such a project---congratulations on superior efforts of all concerned! I supposed it's only a matter of time until you move on to Nashville or New York, eh? Maybe a modest home near John Prine or Emmy Lou Harris, don't you think?!! Hoping to pick and grin with you sometime soon
--Jim Little
(please excuse all the exclamation points!)


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