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Short Mp3 sound samples of these songs can be heard on my CDBaby page.

  • Not Quite Ready This is the first song I ever wrote and the experience of caring for this patient taught me where songwriting comes from. The patient would vacillate between being lucid and confused. I spent a lot of time trying to find someone to check on her dog and cat. She had no support and could not safely live alone anymore.

  • Paper in the Wash A delusional patient with congestive heart failure. She was on a fluid restriction and I saw her drinking from a cup that had some old roses in it. She had white bandages on her legs and kept trying to leave the hospital.

  • My Own Reflection A friend was going through a difficult break-up and this song is what I believe he was trying to say.

  • River of Choices This patient was an alcoholic that had to go to emergency surgery for a gastrointestinal bleed. I had to have him sign a consent form knowing he probably would not live through the surgery. He lived a few days on a ventilator in a coma and at one point I saw his big logger son at the foot of his bed crying and saying to him, "this is why you never met your granddaughter!"

  • Oregon Hills I live in a beautiful Oregon rain forest where water creates a thousand shades of green.

  • Push it On Over Ah, the guilt we haul around in our lives. This is what could happen if you don't return your shopping cart!

  • Valley of Bad Backs This needs no explanation!

  • Mr. Warefield's Ride This song is to honor caregivers and home health nurses. It was inspired by a crumpled note I found in my pocket after working in the Emergency Department that had his name and a phone number on it.

  • Wetland Blues I filled this one with the images and metaphors of wetlands. O.K., I might have gone a little overboard.

  • Ila This sweet woman would sleep in a fetal position most of the time until her family would visit her in the ICU. She would then blossom like a flower and get a big smile that radiated love.

  • Adopt A Highway I started thinking what it would be really like to adopt a highway and after I wrote this song, decided it probably wasn't a good idea.


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